Getting things fired up with EQ and Compression over at Thanks Album

Just getting the site up and running but I thought I would share my thoughts on EQ before or After Compression…

My personal philosophy regarding EQ and compression is to eradicate all the junk first, and then focus on compression. Follow this basic principle, and you will be rewarded with tracks that have far more clarity and far more punch. Of course, there’s no need to stop there. If you decide a frequency needs a boost, simply return to your original EQ that you used for cutting, and use it to create a slight boost. Alternatively, insert a second EQ below your compressor, and then boost from there, and the great thing about all this is the fact that it won’t affect your compression at all.

I often use EQ after compression, and I think it’s great if I’m doing parallel processing involving drums or even bass guitars. In my experience, I have found that on occasions a particular frequency can start irritating me, especially if I have been thrashing it out of a parallel track. When that happens, I notch out the guilty frequency after the compressor, and then I typically call it a day.

There’s lots more to come, so stay tuned.

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